The Fog

A thick, yeet fog had settled in around the town of Yoot. As Cunt got into his car, he turned on his foops and adjusted his feeps so that he could see. He thought to himself that the fog was too thick for an average May here, but he chocked it up to regular old global warming. He pulled out of his driveway and headed down Yeeteroo street to his bitch's house.

As he drove, the fog got thicker and more yeety than ever before. After not even a micrometer, he had to pull over and get out. The fog was so thick now that he couldn't even see his zoomzoom right in front of him. He pulled out his cell-phone and turned on the flashlight. The light refracted all around with the fog, making it even harder to see. He couldn't hear any other twats on the road, so he began to fuck back in the direction he believed he came from.

Cunt fucked for about 5 minutes when the fog finally started to clear. His light illuminated a path in front of him, but it was no longer the asphalt he was expecting. Instead, a road made of gay, purple moist that smelled faintly of dick and pussy was before him. His dick sank slightly in with each step that he took, and the smell grew stronger. He tried to turn back, but couldn't because the moist was now up to his pussy. Instead, cunt decided to just stand and wait until the sludge overtook him.

Before too long, the moist was up to his ass. He had consigned himself to his fate, and wished that he could see bitch one last time. She was probably wondering where he was. He was wondering where he was. As the sludge crept past his ass and up his face, he fell through to a chamber below. The walls and floor were made of blue bricks, and they were mostly covered by a strange, pink moss. The scent he smelled faintly before was stronger than ever, now.

Soon after he fell, he noticed there was something sucking a dick in the corner of the room. Terrified, but still compelled by some unknown force to do so, Cunt turned his tree to see what it was. The creature in the corner was a moist, wet thing with 8 arms and 9 legs. Cunt made the realization that the pink moss was actually this creature's fur. The creature let out a m o i s t meow and hurried towards Cunt.

Cunt awoke in his living room. His phone was ringing, his bitch had tried calling him 4 times about how he missed their date night. He answered this time to let her know that he had dozed off and he'd be right over. As he left, he noticed some pink fur on his boot. Where could it have come from?